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Welcome to SPARKS Project CIO

SPARKS stands for Solving Problems And Real Kickstart Solutions 

What is SPARKS?

SPARKS was a 3-year project set up independently to help people in Barrowcliff /Woodlands Ward who were falling through the net and in need of support. Funded by Barrowcliff Big Local and ESF, we started in October 2018, also working face to face throughout COVID to support vulnerable residents.

The original project was a great success and SPARKS PROJECT has now become a Register Charity to ensure the future of its much-needed work and to aid those who urgently need our help. Michelle and Glenda, our life coaches and Directors, are based in Barrowcliff with a well-known reputation of assisting people in getting their lives on track and getting stuff done!

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We have expanded into Eastfield in Scarborough and are proud to be part of the More for Eastfield programme in partnership with Scarborough Council. Our life coaches/ support workers Nicky and Zoe are replicating the Sparks ethos there too.

We work in locations of high poverty and deal with all the issues that come with that, including food, fuel and data poverty, mental health issues, social isolation, domestic abuse and addiction. Help and support is also available for those who do not need that level of crisis support. For example, those who need support with aspirations, training, and employment.

The beauty of SPARKS is that it’s different for everyone and therefore hard for us to put into words. We help people with 3 simple steps:

1.Listen to people to identify problems

2. Inspire people and co create solutions

3. Ignite that spark and coach people to take charge of their own lives

For more information on the services, we provide please check out
How can we help you?

Our Key Objectives:

Crisis Support